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Meth Use is Surging in the US…and No One Is Paying Attention

Opiate addiction isn’t the only problem facing Americans Between 2011 and 2017, deaths due to methamphetamine overdose increased more than fourfold.  Law enforcement officials in many cities have identified the drug as the biggest problem among their citizens.  Yet, almost all public discussion of drug use is about the opioid epidemic.  Federal and state funding…

Pharmaceutical Companies Are Paying for Their Part in the Opioid Crisis

Cracking down on opioid suppliers Though opioid deaths have subsided slightly from their record high levels in 2017, addiction and overdose are still sweeping the nation.  Thankfully, our city, state, and federal governments are fighting back.  Policy proposals have tightened regulations and increased the availability of medication-assisted treatment (MAT).  Our criminal justice system has begun…

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