What is a Therapeutic Community for Addiction Recovery?

When you have a problem, you don’t want to fix part of it; you want to repair all of it. If your house bursts into flames, you wouldn’t merely douse the living room with water and hope t

Weather the Storm: A Guide for Families on Coping with a Loved One’s Relapse in Recovery

When your loved one started their journey to recovery, we’re sure you were filled with hope and expectations for the future. Now, your loved one has experienced a relapse and you’re feeling hopele

This is How Dry January Can Kickstart Your Sobriety Journey

Over the past few years, there’s been lots of talk about the potential benefits of a <a href="

The Importance of Struggling Your First Year Sober

Everything worthwhile requires effort. You can’t build a home, a career, or a meaningful relationship without putting in some hard work. Sobriety is in the same category. Diligence can help ens

The Importance of Community When Sober in College

The decision to further or continue your higher education is a commendable decision!Even more impressive is the fact that you will be doing it while sober. Certainly, the most rewarding and prolific p

The Difference Between Enabling and Supporting Your Child Struggling With Addiction

Realizing your child is <a href="" id="">struggling with addiction</a> can be an extremely painful experience for any parent. You desperately wan

The 7 Most Common Cognitive Distortions That Lead to Relapse

Progress is not always linear. To get from Point A to Point Sobriety, you may travel a twisted route. Relapses affect many individuals in the recovery community, but rather than judge them or fear the