How Long Can You Stay in a Sober Living Home?

How Long Can You Stay in a Sober Living Home?

Sober living homes offer many benefits before and after addiction treatment. They also offer a flexible, extended stay option so you have time to continue recovery and prepare for independent living.

Even with that added flexibility, how long can you stay in a sober living home?

The average person stays at a sober living home for 166 to 254 days. But many factors go into this decision.

Learn about the purpose of a sober living home and how to decide the length of your stay.

What Is the Meaning of “Sober Living Home”?

Sober living homes are residential facilities people struggling with addiction can stay in before or after completing treatment.

What is the advantage of a sober living home?

They offer many benefits, including:

  • Giving you the support and resources needed to live soberly
  • Preventing a relapse during those first few difficult weeks after treatment
  • Assisting in returning to life after addiction

Communal housing, like sober living homes, reduces substance abuse and incarceration while boosting employment rates among residents.

Who Should Consider Staying at a Sober Living Home?

The length of your stay depends on the reason why you chose a sober living home and how long it takes to accomplish that goal.

Anyone struggling with addiction or those who completed a treatment plan can stay at a sober living home. While a sober living home doesn’t offer substance abuse disorder treatment, it does provide a supportive community and a safe place to stay until you’re ready to seek treatment.

The most common reasons people choose to stay in a home include:

  • They have additional disorders, like mental health disorders, that they’re still working through
  • They aren’t ready to start a treatment plan yet but still want support
  • They don’t have a strong support system in their home
  • They finished treatment but are concerned about a relapse
  • They have relapsed several times in the past
  • They want to find additional resources and connections for long-term recovery

How Long Should You Stay in a Sober Living Home?

One of the greatest benefits of sober living houses over other recovery options is there aren’t any time constraints on your stay. You can stay as long as you need the extra support and can afford the stay.

Only you can decide the best timeframe for your recovery. Every person’s journey is unique. While one person may want to stay a week, someone else may stay for over a year.

How Do You Know You’re Ready to Leave a Sober Living Home?

Are you unsure if you’re ready to leave your sober living home? Ultimately, the choice is yours. However, these questions can serve as a guide to help you decide:

  • Do you have a supportive environment and reliable housing to go home to?
  • Do you have a plan for staying sober once you return home?
  • Do you have a plan for your life, like a job and hobbies, once you return home?
  • Do you feel safe leaving the sober living home?
  • Do you feel capable of avoiding relapse?
  • Do you have continued support and treatment ready, like local support groups?
  • Have you been sober for a decent length of time?

The key to a successful transition from a sober living home is establishing a healthy routine, a safe living space, and an ongoing support system. If you have those pillars and feel confident in your recovery, you may be ready to take the next step to independent living.

Find A Supportive Sober Living Home

How can you choose the best sober living home?

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